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2009   HERBS MAN -Shem Ha Boreh Records

2011   NEW HORIZON -Shem Ha Boreh Records

2012   ROOTSTEP with Roommate -King Dubbist

2014  Herbal Spice -Shem Ha Boreh Records

2016  Love Over Hate -Shem Ha Boreh Records & MNIB

2017  7 Chakras riddim -Shem Ha Boreh Records

2018  Reggae Mantras vol1 -Shem Ha Boreh Records



2000  Irish Moss-Stumpy Productions.

2005  Guilty-Dread Unity.

2006  When Jah Wrath (Stormy Weather Riddim)-Roots Garden (UK).

2006  River Jordan (Levi Riddim) feat.Luciano-Roots Garden (UK).

2008  Rough Road feat. Natty King-Shem Ha Boreh (JA).

2008  Herbs Man-Shem Ha Boreh (JA).

2008  The More I Live-The Man from the Hill Team.

2008  Lion Inna Jungle (Hard Drop Riddim) With Rueben Mystic-Foundation Sound (UK).

2008  Love Is Knocking On Your Door feat. Gregory Isaacs-Shem Ha Boreh.

2009  Greeting Tenastelin-Roots Garden Showcase Part 2-Roots Garden (UK).

2009  No Bad Mind-Roots Garden (UK)

2009  Rise My People (One People Riddim)-One People Production.

2009  No Violence (No Violence Riddim)-Shem Ha Boreh.

2009  Pagans Eyes (No Violence Riddim) With Tiwony-Shem Ha Boreh.

2009  Living Inna Babylon with Rueben Mystic-Sugar Beat Records.

2010  Jah Is My Keeper With Earl Sixteen-Merge Productions.

2010  I Don‘t Know (Don‘t Know Riddim)-Own Mission (FR).

2010  Glory of Zion (War and Medicine Riddim)-Jam Tone Records.

2010  Guide Over I (Divinity Riddim)-Iron Fist Productions.

2010  Jah Rule (Mercy Riddim)-King Dubbist.

2010  Roll Up A Next Spliff (Very Stick Riddim)-Jah Zohar Records.

2010  Herbs and Spices (Musik for Life Riddim)-Uprising Band.

2011   Gather Your Strength (Ras Vibes Riddim)-King Dubbist.

2011   Cold Blooded Viper (I Tist Riddim)-Kinshasa Records.

2011   Free Up Time (Sensimillionaire Riddim)-House of Riddim Productions.

2011   Jah Love (Jam signal Riddim)-Homegrow Kush Band Music.

2011    Strike a Blow with Root Souljahz.

2011    Praise Jah and Live-Prince Winston.

2011   Tek a Puff (All Day Long Riddim), Benny Records

2012  Don‘t Diss the One - Feeding my Faith LP

2012  One Round – Roots Rocket label

2013  Rastafari Always –Greenyard Records

2015  Health and Strength- Shem Ha Boreh Records

2016  With Jah We Stand - Shem Ha Boreh Records


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